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Delia Baby

Training Toothbrush Set

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  • Soft elastomer rubber heads to soothe baby's tender gums
  • Fine elastomer bristle ends for gentle cleaning of baby's teeth
  • Extra soft bristles for sensitive gums & gentle cleaning of baby's teeth
  • With 3 Types of Toothbrush for 3 Different Stages


  • STAGE-1: For babies 6~8m with 2-3 milk teeth, it is the 1st toothbrush to introduce the concept of holding a toothbrush. The thick and contoured handle makes it easy for the baby to grasp. The soft elastomer rubber head is soothing to the baby's tender gums. (Orange Color Brush)
  • STAGE-2: For babies 8~12m with 8-10 milk teeth, the toothbrush is used as a transition to familiarize babies with the brushing movement. The soft elastomer rounded heads are soft & tender to the baby's gums, while the end of the fine bristle allows cleaning for all teeth as well as in between the teeth. (Green Color Brush)
  • STAGE-3: For babies 12m+ or when most of the milk teeth are in; your child is ready to try his first real toothbrush with toothpaste. The rounded bristles ends are soft and gentle to your child's gums. Good habits of proper tooth brushing right from the first stage of training will help your child to enjoy a lifetime of healthier stronger teeth. (Blue Color Brush)


  • Brush a young child's teeth twice daily.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: 3.0000 cm
  • Width: 0.5000 cm
  • Height: 12.0000 cm
  • Weight: 0.0450 kg
  • Weight with packing: 0.0500 kg
  • Unit in the box: 1 N