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Delia Baby

Squeeze Toy with Handle~Bear

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  • BPA-Free & Waterproof
  • Safe, Reliable & Durable
  • Floatable & Easy to Hold
  • Makes a Delightful Squeaky Sound
  • Made Up of Non-Toxic Natural Rubber
  • Interesting Animal shape & Attracts Baby's Attention


  • Clean with TollyJoy Baby Accessories & Vegetable Liquid Cleanser.


  • Do not sterilize or place in boiling water
  • Do Not buy cheap squeeze toys. According to the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), PVC contains a chemical known as a human carcinogen.
  • According to the National Institutes of Health, di-2-Ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP), a chemical present in PVC  is a suspected human carcinogen.
  • The phthalate DEHP is often added to PVC to make it flexible. Traces of these chemicals can leach out of PVC when in contact with your baby's mouth.
  • Almost 108 volatile organic chemicals are released into the air by PVC products causing developmental damage as well as damage to the liver, central nervous, respiratory, & reproductive systems.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: 7.0000 cm
  • Width: 6.0000 cm
  • Height: 19.0000cm
  • Weight: 0.0450 kg
  • Weight with packing: 0.0500 kg
  • Unit in the box: 1 N